Who We Are

When there’s mountains of data to climb, we strive to reach the peaks. 

Our Story

Dayspring started in 2014 with an idea to build software products. The first product we built was a utility software, aimed at helping data teams at large companies. Even though the product failed, we learned valuable lessons in the process.

After dabbling with few more ideas, we decided to focus on our core expertise — data, analytics, and finance.


We launched Data Export in 2016 to automate e-commerce store operations. The first customer was a scented candle maker and an eyelash maker, who needed customized reports. We pulled all efforts to fulfill their need, and they’re using our products to this day.

Thousands of customers later, we continue to serve and delight our customers, one at a time.


Our team at Dayspring is the reason for our growth. We work hard to serve while having fun and learning each day.

Watch this space as we listen, learn, and build products.

Dayspring Culture

Dayspring Culture

Our culture is more than just words: It's a way of life.

Besides being distinctive, these beliefs create a framework for our actions. Our values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our customers, employees, business partners, and also our community.
As we grow, our processes and strategies may change, but D.A.Y.S.P.R.I.N.G. culture will remain the same.