What We Offer

We partner with folks who share our
obsession with data and technology.

Your business is in Your control


Well-defined reports that show you the metrics That actually matter. This helps you take Corrective steps to achieve your goals faster


Turn raw data into Remarkable outcomes with end-to-end, multi-cloud data integration and analytics solutions.

App Development

Experienced software development, dedicated to delivering a smooth and friendly experience.


API Programming

Our team of competent IT specialists offer API Development and integration services, providing you with customized, rich in function API solution.

Data Insights

Better decisions driven by powerful, reliable Insights to tran

What we are Offering?

With 7 years experience managing Shopify storefronts and
the Liquid application framework, we’re veterans at
e-commerce growth.

We understand e-commerce complexity. That’s why our analytical integrations include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, and PayPal. We’re adding social platforms (Snapchat, TikTok, etc) and logistical partners (FedEx, UPS) soon

We work hard to drive value using APIs for automated reports. We connect to Big Query, Google Sheets, and other aggregation tools to make e-commerce operations easier.


We Understand the Importance
of E-commerce Records

We combine your e-commerce data and optimize the results to easily understand
key metrics; we help you make easier business decisions

  • Research
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Brand Planning

Data Export

Reporting Software that Saves Money and Time for Shopify Merchants

Report Pundit

Fully loaded Reports and Dashboards Analysis for Shopify Merchants.

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Auto Fulfill

Automate Order Management & Fulfillment

Reclaim 75% Time & Money lost on Data entry, Emailing Vendors, Correcting spreadsheet errors, and Putting out fires.

Payroll Pundit

Pain-free, Error-free Payroll Process for CAs and Payroll Professionals.

Simple payroll software that frees up CA's precious time, eliminates spreadsheet errors, and increases revenue.